Sharks Stained Glass Coloring Book
by John Green

ISBN: 0486280969
Dover Publications Price: $1.99
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Table of Contents for Sharks Stained Glass Coloring Book
Goblin Shark
Diving for Treasure--Hammerhead Sharks
So Many Kinds of Sharks!--Angel Shark, Sawshark, Dogfish Shark, and Blue Shark
White Shark Jumping into the Air
White Tip Reef Shark Gets Too Close to a Diver
Mako Shark in Attack Posture
Whale Shark with Divers
Tiger Shark Chasing a Sea Turtle
White Shark and Giant Squid
Porbeagle Shark and Dolphins
White Shark and Man
Hammerhead Sharks Sense Prey
Borneo River Shark
Thresher Sharks
The Bull Shark is the Most Dangerous Shark of All
Cage Diver Meets Great Whites